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Many Waters

To Shear Lake an icy winter weekend a hand, a hug, the words

I love you

To Gull Lake youth group trip too many people, walking hand-in-hand our relationship solidified

To Seven Seas Lagoon

our honeymoon a meal, a rooftop


To Niagara Falls

majestic and loud a break before the cacophony of family

To the Charles River a family trip a graduation skipped, the Red Line


To Great Sand Bay a sandy paradise on a rocky coast

road tripping, body surfing a dog bounding through the waves

To the Chicago River

water so green a birthday, chocolate

a musical seen

To Indian River Lagoon the sun so bright Atlantis launched, a dream come true

sun poisoning

To the Los Angeles River

our anniversary

a new life, a new start

our marriage saved

To the Pacific Ocean the warm autumn sun swallowed, him reaching down the ocean’s throat

my life saved

To Walnut Creek birth just weeks away

photos, love, a baby boy

finally, after fifteen years

To Saginaw Bay a cool summer day screaming and tears, Nana and grandson first

baby-free time

To the Grand River you witnessed the worst

devastation, death Nana gone

To St. Mary’s River a boat to Whitefish Bay

freighters, memories


To the Atlantic Ocean our first cruise missing Nana, birthday song

a wheelchair in the sand To Park Lake our new home loss within and without


To the many waters witnessing our love

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