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Writer's Statement

         I write to process my trauma. I’m a survivor of narcissistic abuse, parentification, covert incest, intimate partner abuse, religious abuse, and possibly others my therapist and I haven’t identified yet. While in the abuse, I felt completely alone. I want to help others feel seen. I want them to know they are not alone, and they can learn how to survive or remove themselves from their situation. I also want to show readers that it is possible to thrive after the abuse.

         My writing brings attention to traumatic responses in several ways. In my short story, Breathe, the main character is thrown into an entirely new world causing her to dissociate. She has to learn how to stay herself while dealing with being in danger. In the novel I self-published in March 2020, Shattered, the main character is the victim of narcissistic abuse that leads to her becoming pregnant due to intimate partner abuse. She has to learn how to process the abuse while deciding what she wants her future to hold. In the book I’m currently working on, Fathoms Cove, the main character deals with a narcissistic father, covert incest and parentification. She has to process her abuse while rescuing her father and her community.

         I also write to bring attention to the disenfranchisement of the LGBTQIA+ community. As an asexual, pan-romantic woman married to a trans woman, every day I see the effects of the discrimination our communities endure. I am planning to write a story about a teen who sets up her lesbian best friend leading to the best friend’s death. She then has to deal with the emotional and legal consequences of her actions. I am also working on stories about my partner’s and my experiences with being trans and asexual.

         I primarily write fiction that is taken from situations and feelings that have happened to myself and the people around me. I find beauty in strength and survival and want to celebrate coming out of the dark. I write for teens and young adults, but also have some ideas for middle reader fiction. I plan to start a blog detailing my experiences with motherhood, autism, discovering who I am and learning who I want to be. I would also like to try to shed light on my family’s experiences with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD in some middle reader fiction and creative non-fiction pieces.


Creative Publications



Shattered. Holiture Press, 2020.


Creative Presentations


Lectures & Readings 


“Fathoms Cove” Writing the Novel Black Box Theatre Long Read (Lansing, 2022).

“Becoming N’omi” Creative Writing II Black Box Theatre Long Read (Lansing, 2023).


Media Appearances


“Washington Square On-Air” LCC Connect (2023)

Creative Fellowships and Awards


“Many Waters” 3rd place Lansing Community College 38th Annual LAND Competition


Creative Professional Service 


Washington Square Review Editor (2023)

Pro Django Second Edition Development/Copy Editor (2013)

Pro Python Development/Copy Editor (2010)

Pro Django Development/Copy Editor (2009)



Academic Professional Service 


Phi Theta Kappa LCC Chapter- President (1997)  



Academic Professional Affiliations 


Phi Theta Kappa (1996-2023)

PHS National Honor Society (1994-1996)



Lansing Community College

Creative Writing AA

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